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A Battle Of Ancestors

The biggest advantage to private bathrooms is that no one tries to tell you “You don’t belong here” because private bathrooms are for the person occupying them. This notion that bathrooms must be sex-segregated seems a bit silly and old-fashioned anyway.

In the future, people will shake their head...

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Not all Bootstraps are Equal

Americans pride themselves on being able to "lift yourself up by your own bootstraps," and to succeed based on "your own efforts, will, wits, and determination."

But this is a phantom. An illusion. A fairy tale.

Consider inheritance.

The fact that inheritance is a legal "of course," based on n...

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The Free Market Needs Your Help!

Vaccination ruined the child coffin business. Just ruined it.

Won’t people think of the child coffin business before they decide to vaccinate their children?

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Homo Sapiens ELE

I’ve been fascinated the past couple years casually studying Extinction Level Events.

At a gross level, these are events triggering, or short periods of time describing situations where there have been rapid die-offs in the history of the planet.

This planet has experienced quite a few mass ex...

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Show me the Metric!

I don’t think “what’s your metric?” qualifies as a threatening question when someone says “things are way better now!” or “things are way worse now!”

I think it makes for a much more interesting conversation.

For example, I know people who think “gas prices” are a metric for whether it’s b...

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I Think the Needle Needs to Point in the Opposite Direction.

Adults tell children “No, you can’t do that. Stop that. Put that down. Don’t put that in your mouth. Only one cookie. No ice cream after eight. No watching five episodes of Battlestar Galactica in a row” and when kids object, adults tell them “When you live in your own house and pay your o...

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A Variation on a Theme

With Spider-Man, everyone knows "With great power comes great responsibility," but maybe that's good to start out, good for kids.

What I would like to see is something more along the lines of "With great power comes great need for transparency and clarity of understanding of expectations, represen...

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Read Responsibly

Once while reading a book on the way to work, I almost walked into a telephone pole. I don’t know if it was actually a telephone pole, but that’s what we tend to call them.

I say almost because, as some sort of luck would have it, I was stopped just prior.

I was stopped just prior by one of th...

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Religious Discrimination

Telling someone “Just because you can’t do things to other people in the name of your religion doesn’t mean that you are experiencing religious discrimination” rarely is the “QED” of the argument because it presupposes that practitioners of said religion will stop what they’re doing an...

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The Secret Enemy

In a society where claiming one is an atheist results in one not being considered “trustworthy,” one cannot depend on claims of religious affiliation to indicate “trustworthiness.”

The most successful viruses out there succeed by pretending to be valuable to the cells they invade.

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Make or Break

Sometimes I try to solve my problems as if they are a supply chain issue -- with many elements contributing to the success condition, and many elements contributing to the failure condition. It's not a magic bullet, but it reminds me that any selling one-stop solutions is probably selling snake oil....

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Pants on Fire

I suspect the most outrageous liars are the ones who ostentatiously declare how willing they are to be "under oath." It's like watching a child declare "Check -- I'm not crossing my fingers!"

I recall hearing this aphorism as a child and it has always stuck with me: "The Lord loves to make liars o...

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Career Living

It's probably about time we stopped thinking of our careers as our identities. The time when employers had to respect their employees for fear of losing them is gone, and the time when employees could count on their employers "taking care of them" is also gone.

Our parents and our grandparents had...

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Impostor Syndrome

I've always secretly felt like I never truly qualified to be in the Impostor Syndrome Support Group.

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One day I was out walking along a common path near my house. A dog came running up to me. A big dog. A German Shepherd, as I recall. And he was looking like he meant business. Not giving me "let's play" signals, but "Let's go, motherfucker," signals. As in growling.

There was no owner anywhere to...

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Loving the Sin

It is not shocking that those who allege to "hate the sin yet love the sinner" seem deeply incapable of manifesting this alleged love in any way that can be identified, measured, or noted. For all intents and purposes, "hate the sin, yet love the sinner" manifests as "hate the sinner and act accordi...

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“An Honorable Man”

Be cautious before offering “honor” a place at the table without a deeper look. A man who says he is going to kill and eat one hundred babies live on stage who actually does so is inarguably “true to his word” and could be considered “honorable.”

But you might not wanna break bread with him anyway...

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Be the Hero.

Help those who ask for help. They are not asking because they are weak. They are asking because you are strong.

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Building a Website for Your Movie Project

Hey, Creative Person Operating on a Low Budget, this is for you. If you are not in this group, move along to something else fun.

If you want to build a website for your movie project, go you. People have Facebook pages and Twitter pages and Instagrams and all kinds of things. Why not a web page?


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I’m currently of the thinking that the notion of attraction to an objective “intelligence” ( often referred to as “sapiosexuality” ) is a candy-coated path to justification for being an asshole to others.

I think when we say “I’m attracted to smart people,” what we’re really saying is “I...

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