A Message from the Future?

I have concluded that I have been visited by a time traveler doctor.

I was in a doctor’s office getting examined a few years back. Something had been dogging me for more than a decade. Repeated attempts to stop it proved unsuccessful.

While I was sitting there, the nurse called out to a passing doctor. She ducked into the room. Asked me a couple of questions. Spent about 25 seconds examining me. Then she said “Nope, it’s [redacted for reasons of privacy].” and she gives me a prescription right there. No one argues with her, but it’s clear that no one really believes her. Plus, this diagnosis made no sense, based on what I was experiencing.

I have the prescription filled… (after all, what the hell, by this time)

…and a problem that had been dogging me for more than a decade…


It has been gone for years. Never came back.

Last year, I mention it to my normal doctor, who seems puzzled.

She reviews my history.

Shaking her head, she says “There is no record of a doctor treating you for this condition.”

“It was just a doc passing by,” I add.

“There are no notes of this condition. Also, there’s no record of a prescription. And I would have not diagnosed this anyway — this is a diagnosis that made no sense.”

And yet here I am, doc. Cured.

So I am forced to conclude that I was visited by a time traveling doctor who needed me for something in the future timeline. (or at least was doing something cool and was able to help out on the side)

I hope it’s for something cool.

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A god who can be worshiped from a closet doesn’t need a tax haven.

And one who cannot be worshiped from a closet ain’t worth shit.


My version of the Paleo Diet includes the possibility of cannibalism.


Our world should not be a good place for the growth of weeds which require strangling others to live.

I am not talking about plants.

Who’s Really Winning…?

“You are poor because you made bad choices” is a fairy story sold by people who don’t want you to look at their books.

It is massively to their advantage to convince people that being rich and being poor are a result of personal choice.

“…or get out of the way”

I think it’s totally legit that if a leader threatens you if you investigate him, that you absolutely must investigate him.

If you want to follow someone worth a damn, find the person who is not only open, but encourages people to check their work.


I would not say that I believe in reading entrails to ascertain whether or not the future is bright. That said, however, I think the future could be made brighter depending on whose entrails are selected.

These statements do not contradict each other.

But what if it does?!

Our culture seemingly worships the heroic/crazy notion of “Well, it might NOT work, but if it does, wouldn’t that be great? Sure, the odds are long, but let’s roll the dice! Don’t tell me the odds, let’s just do it because it should be done, because it’s right and just and heroic — even if we fail, the work is good. We are a team and that means we help each other, we don’t leave a teammate behind, we act together, we play together, we drill together, we are a team. As long as we are a team, as long as we all look out for each other, then we will win. We might not win the cup, but we’ll win friendship. We might not win the prize, but we’ll win our own self-respect. So, damn the odds, damn the faceless authority, damn all those who mock and crap on us. We might be underdogs, but we know that what matters is that we found each other, that we are a team, that we are moving forward!

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I am both a diver and a zombie movie fan, so when I try to remember “Nitrox,” and I instead keep remembering “Trioxin,” then that is a hilarious thing.

“Send more divers!”

Beautiful Horror

Sometimes there is extraordinary beauty in even the meanest of things.

It does not make the beauty less for its birth, nor the horrors better for their act of genesis.

It reminds us the Universe is more complex than we expected.