We are the Leftovers

I have a hypothesis: The Rapture happened. All genuine true believers were Raptured away.

Those who remain are insincere. They may speak with soft words, and move their arms in the right way, but in their heart of hearts, they are truly unbelievers. They would never admit it, though. Not even to themselves. But nothing can hide from the gaze of an omniscient omnipotent deity. So no matter how much they claim to be devout, they are not. They have been witnessed as false and left upon Earth as punishment, to live out their lives soaked in their own lie, creating webs of deceit to explain each and every little sliver of darkness in their souls.

Sure, it may be unprovable.

But there’s no counterexample, either.

And if it was true and folks try to say “well, if this was true, then we would have heard of at least a few people being Raptured,” then here’s my take on that:

If we’re paying attention to the contents of a book that already has a dodgy-ass grasp on the deep time of human history, then it’s entirely possible that if there were such an event, then maybe…

…it already happened…

…millennia ago.

Oh well, I guess we can just move on to being nice to each other simply because being nice to each other offers better overall results.

Happy dreams!