“For Warmth”

I think we can all agree that burning a confederate flag is perfectly acceptable as an act of protest, or to keep warm, or because you have a match, the name of the day ends with “y,” whatever. 

The opposite of “backward” is “forward.”

I wonder if there’s a certain point in time in our lives when we stop adding new things to our brains.

I think about it this way – from the moment we’re born to a certain point, we are constantly cramming things into our brain. We are learning language and social interaction and mathematics and how peek-a-boo is a brutal assault upon our souls.

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“It’s a PR problem” is the problem.

There is a value. It is a numerical value.

It is the number of children who have been abused. It is the number of incidents of an organization covering it up. It is the number of times a priest has been moved to a parish to avoid dealing with pedophilia. It is the number of times a priest who tries to stop these incidents or begs the Vatican to stop and change their course is told to shut the hell up and pray and reflect upon what they are trying to do. It is the number of times people are willing to look the other way before they can no longer look the other way.

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