“…and this is your brain on writing.”

Middle of the night…

  1. What’s that sound? Is my phone making that sound? What is it?
  2. (grabbing phone) What, phone? What are you trying to tell me?
  3. Recognizes name of friend displayed on phone.
  4. What’s wrong? Is this an alarm about [friend’s name redacted]? Is [friend’s name redacted] hurt?
  5. Wait, did I install a pinger on [friend’s name redacted]’s phone? I don’t remember doing that. Why would I do that? Why would I want to monitor [friend’s name redacted]?
  6. Why, phone? Why are you trying to alarm me about [friend’s name redacted]?
  7. Neuron fires.
  8. Oh, this is ringing. Ringing? Ringing!
  9. [friend’s name redacted] is calling. But why?
  10. Why would [friend’s name redacted] call in the middle of the night?
  11. Oh, maybe it’s not the middle of the night. I was writing. Maybe it’s a normal time for Saturday.
  12. Is it Saturday already? Holy crap — it’s Saturday?!
  13. I have a dentist appointment today. God, I hope I didn’t sleep through it. That would suck.
  14. Oh, wait, if it’s Saturday, what happened to Friday? I remember Thursday night, and writing and where’s Friday?
  15. I had a date Friday! I was cooking! What happened on Friday? Oh no, I can’t have forgotten a whole night? And I promised everyone I’d cook. Oh no, I failed all of it, no food, no date, and now [friend’s name redacted] is calling me in the middle of the night.
  16. Why does anyone call? Is [friend’s name redacted] lost? Does [friend’s name redacted] need a ride somewhere or a pickup? Is [friend’s name redacted] in trouble?
  17. Trouble? At a bus station? At the airport? Leaving the country? This is the last time anyone will hear from [friend’s name redacted] except postcards from small European countries.
  18. But I was hoping to get that animation done.
  19. Oh well, I’ll get it done another way. Europe is nice. Can’t say I blame [friend’s name redacted]. It’s getting kinda weird around here anyway. Might as well head off to explore. Life’s short and the world is so big.
  20. They’ll have a great time ([friend’s name redacted] and [friend’s partner’s name redacted]). Awesome.
  21. Oh.
  22. Phone stopped ringing.
  23. But it just started. Oh, man, I hope there isn’t trouble. i hope this wasn’t a come-help-me-I’m-stuck-in-a-car-trunk-somewhere call.
  24. Man, that’s not right. That’s not a trip to Europe at all. That’s something else.
  25. She should kick out the taillights and wave at passing cars. People respond to that. People call 911 for that. I can’t find her.
  26. Oh, text message.
  27. Her phone accidentally butt-dialed me.
  28. Ha-ha, how funny. That still happens?
  29. (I lie back down, drift back to sleep)
  30. I’ll sort it all out in the morning.
  31. Hey…
  32. …why am I on speed-dial, anyway?