An amusement park for grown-ups.

**A review of Lisa Deeter’s CD Just Comparing Notes.**

I was surprised by Deeter’s album Just Comparing Notes.

Oddly enough, the biggest surprise was that there were no lyrics. No songs. No poems. No words.

That, as it turns out, was perfect.

Just Comparing Notes offers a music experience that is fun and undistracted by vocalizations, that is saucy and racy and sexy and just plain fun.

If Just Comparing Notes was an amusement park ride, you would have to be 18 and older to ride it. It wouldn’t throw obscenity at you, but it would hint and suggest in a way that would make anyone blush. It would be a series of rooms, each one offering a new temptation and a new experience and a new sense of peculiar eyebrow-raising pleasure.

There are musical flavors in this album enough to please anyone. Sometimes west-flavored (I can’t bring myself to call it Western), sometimes east-flavored, and sometimes nearly otherworldly.

I’ve spun the CD a bunch of times and I still love it!

Lisa’s CD can be found on Amazon.