A Message from the Future?

I have concluded that I have been visited by a time traveler doctor.

I was in a doctor’s office getting examined a few years back. Something had been dogging me for more than a decade. Repeated attempts to stop it proved unsuccessful.

While I was sitting there, the nurse called out to a passing doctor. She ducked into the room. Asked me a couple of questions. Spent about 25 seconds examining me. Then she said “Nope, it’s [redacted for reasons of privacy].” and she gives me a prescription right there. No one argues with her, but it’s clear that no one really believes her. Plus, this diagnosis made no sense, based on what I was experiencing.

I have the prescription filled… (after all, what the hell, by this time)

…and a problem that had been dogging me for more than a decade…


It has been gone for years. Never came back.

Last year, I mention it to my normal doctor, who seems puzzled.

She reviews my history.

Shaking her head, she says “There is no record of a doctor treating you for this condition.”

“It was just a doc passing by,” I add.

“There are no notes of this condition. Also, there’s no record of a prescription. And I would have not diagnosed this anyway — this is a diagnosis that made no sense.”

And yet here I am, doc. Cured.

So I am forced to conclude that I was visited by a time traveling doctor who needed me for something in the future timeline. (or at least was doing something cool and was able to help out on the side)

I hope it’s for something cool.