“Cloaking Paradigm Activated, Captain.”

Is it weird that the people who seem the most pious are the ones you later discover have 150 petabytes of unspeakable horrors on their computer?

Seems like whenever the law uncovers a vast conspiracy of people who (for example) have sex with children, they are always hiding in organizations and groups that allegedly exist to protect children?

It’s like the odds are if someone claims a moral clause for anything, then they’re probably guilty of it.

On the plus side, there seems to be some sort of inverse relationship between the transparency policies of an organization and its associations with the most unsavory of horrors. So look for the ones trying their best to hide things and it’s a safe bet what they’re hiding won’t look as good on a resume as it does on a rap sheet.

This is not to say there isn’t a strong independent streak of evil happening in the world, of course. Just that the better an organization is at protecting its members, the more likely it is that the organization will need to.