The Cigarette Solution just might work!

Remember that thing that parents did, when they caught us smoking, and said “you wanna smoke, then let’s go crazy!” and they made you smoke twenty or fifty cigarettes until you puked tar and realized it was a shitty idea?

There seems to be an awful lot of seemingly-grown-up people out there who look at students and kids all protesting for a better world, for cleaner water, for better education, for wiser governance, for broadly applicable healthcare, for a future that is hopeful instead of depressing, etc. and they are mocking these kids and dismissing them and their concerns.


Let’s solve this with The Cigarette Solution!

As an adult, your job when faced with a kid who says “I want clean water.” is to say “You want clean water? Fine, let’s make it super clean and see how you like that!”

Kid wants better educational opportunities? “Fine, how about we as a society provide lifelong access to all education possible for anybody and see how you deal with that, you upstart!”

Kids want wiser governance that is in sync with world and technological progress?! “Fine, why don’t we just create a Star Trek like world that is empathetic with history and humanity while also embracing global concerns and technological advancements. Are you happy now?!

I think this is an excellent application of The Cigarette Solution.

Let’s show all those kids that adults can get shit done and not just be a bunch of whiny-ass complainers.