It’s Money-Related

Just a reminder — the only reason US citizens don’t have mutual equal access to the best medical care and education available on the planet is because someone is benefiting from having a large portion of citizens essentially stupid and disposable.

Entities and persons not advocating for broad and equal access to this technology and education do not have the best interests of country or people at heart. They may make up excuses or do shadow puppets, but the bottom line is that they are enemies of the people — because the only reason a country exists is because of the people.

Every “bad school,” every sick child, every person who can’t be the best citizen they can because they can’t reach a good education or good healthcare, is a crime to lay at the feet of all entities who excuse such.

See — a person can be an advocate of amazing things without once catering to a particular political party.

Advocate for human beings being healthy, advocate for humans being as educated as they wish to reach, advocate for people to have the power to choose their fates.

This is not political — this is human.