Mysterious Unexplainable Clouds

All these “ideas” about how to keep bullets out of kids and other people who have not consented to having bullets put into them are starting to sound a lot like how to keep unwanted dicks out of people — treating both bullets and dicks as a kind of uncontrollable natural force.

Like a rogue wave on the ocean, or an earthquake, or a solar flare. As if there are just these clouds of bullets or clouds of dicks floating around and we literally have no idea how those clouds came about and why those clouds move around, or even the composition of those clouds, and certainly there’s just no sense in trying to figure any of that stuff out, because, well, like solar flares, it’s just not conceivable to treat these vast and unpredictable clouds of bullets or dicks as anything other than a mysterious and unexplained natural phenomenon.

If the best we can offer for advice is how to dress, act, or hide appropriately such as to make sure the bullets or dicks hit others instead of you, I’m not so sure we’re looking at the problem properly.