Loving the Sin

It is not shocking that those who allege to “hate the sin yet love the sinner” seem deeply incapable of manifesting this alleged love in any way that can be identified, measured, or noted. For all intents and purposes, “hate the sin, yet love the sinner” manifests as “hate the sinner and act accordingly.”

Because any and all claims of “…love the sinner” reflect a mental state that cannot be demonstrated, from a practical standpoint, that mental state might as well not exist at all. There are no behaviors expressed toward the “sinner” that indicate the popular definitions of “love.”

In fact, it could be reasoned that “hate the sin yet love the sinner” means almost entirely the opposite of what it claims, based on two pieces of demonstrable information:

  1. The sinner is treated with disdain and violence, and
  2. The speaker has gone to great lengths to announce that they are thinking very much about the sin.

No counter-examples have yet been identified in the history of history itself.