Possible conclusion: They have a thing for diseased pregnant children. Weirdos.

Disease transmission and underage pregnancy increase where “abstinence” is taught. This is — as should be obvious to even the most casual of observers — mostly due to the fact that these “programs” usually involve the removal of any actual functional methods of reducing teen birthrates or disease transmission. (note the “-only” often strapped dildo-like to the end of the word “abstinence”.)

Also, they’re stupid. And by stupid, I mean in all respects useless wastes of time that cause more harm than good.


I could personally accept the exact same amount of cash to teach “abstinence” to kids and if I did absolutely nothing but watch Netflix in my underpants (and never once interacting with anyone), my results would literally be better than every other “abstinence” program in the US.

If it weren’t for the fact that I have a soul and a conscience, I would be totally lobbying for all that spare cash lying around earmarked for “abstinence” programs.

Apparently not everyone feels so restrained.

House Votes to Defund HIV Prevention to Pay for Abstinence Education

Someone is making bank off idiots, and it ain’t me.