Perhaps this is why there’s an Internet?

Why can’t we officially learn about sex the same way we officially learn about everything else? Through research and experience and being taught?

I know what repair manuals are, and I know what cookbooks are, so I can fix things and cook things. I don’t pretend I was born with that knowledge. That would be stupid in a daytime-soap-opera kind of stupid.

So, if I learn some sort of fantastic sex technique from a magazine, or an informative public-access cable show, or even an ex, why is it verboten to say so? Why society, why?

Speaking as a guy, if a gal did something Really Fantastic to me and told me she learned it in a magazine, I’d be asking her if she wants a all-expense-paid lifetime-subscription to that magazine. Or if she said “Well, my ex and I used to do that and he really dug it,” I’d be thinking “Whew — his loss is my gain!”

Because I don’t want to think about this being instinctive. I don’t want to think about partners born with this knowledge. Imagine a fantastic blowjob, topped off by “Oh, I’ve known how to do that since I was four!”

There’s something you can’t unthink!

See what I mean — this fetish for “virgin brides” can be carried a leeeeeetle bit too far. Or, if you prefer, a lot.

Why is it so hard to accept and even embrace experience and research as far as sex goes?