“Poisonous Ideology”

I’ve been pondering the term “poisonous ideology.”

I think it’s about time people stopped shadow-boxing abstractions and focused on results.

For example, I don’t care which political party actually manages to feed, clothe, and shelter the poor, the frail, the mentally ill, the people who are old and without family, orphans, the deathly sick, etc. The only thing that matters is that these people are taken care of.

Ideology <> action, and past performance (or alleged performance) is zero guarantee of present or future behavior. (I generally assume anyone lauding too loudly their laurels is trying to pull the wool over my eyes anyway)

Results matter.

This is not to say that costs are irrelevant, and anyone making that leap is invited to nuance their shit ASAP, but ideology should not take precedence over actions and behavior and results.

In fact, I think “ideology” is what people wave around when they don’t want actions, behavior, or results to be critically viewed.

Like I said, I’ve been pondering the phrase “poisonous ideology.”

My current conclusion is that the first word is redundant.