Imagineering Priorities

Dear newswires and news agencies and news sites world-wide.

I’ve noticed that every single news article regarding the polio vaccine (or any other vaccine) is accompanied by a crying child who is being held or grabbed by an adult, while the vaccine is administered.

Could you please, please, please look for some sort of accompanying photograph that doesn’t suggest doing violence to kids?

It’s bad enough that we still have these disease because some folks have gotten it into their heads that vaccinations are nothing but trouble, but really, using this sort of illustration is just exacerbating the problem.

I understand. You did what most people do – you typed “polio vaccine” into Google, clicked images, and just started grabbing stuff that looked eye-catching. Because that is literally the least anyone could be arsed to do.

But really, could there be at least a modicum of responsibility taken here?

Even in the 50’s, they had a better sense of what really mattered as far as polio:

See, these people knew what polio was, so the idea of eradicating it actually meant something to them.

They also had better images.