But what if it does?!

Our culture seemingly worships the heroic/crazy notion of “Well, it might NOT work, but if it does, wouldn’t that be great? Sure, the odds are long, but let’s roll the dice! Don’t tell me the odds, let’s just do it because it should be done, because it’s right and just and heroic — even if we fail, the work is good. We are a team and that means we help each other, we don’t leave a teammate behind, we act together, we play together, we drill together, we are a team. As long as we are a team, as long as we all look out for each other, then we will win. We might not win the cup, but we’ll win friendship. We might not win the prize, but we’ll win our own self-respect. So, damn the odds, damn the faceless authority, damn all those who mock and crap on us. We might be underdogs, but we know that what matters is that we found each other, that we are a team, that we are moving forward!

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