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Faith is an Indicator

In a world where a claim to "faith" protects one from scrutiny or accountability, those who claim to faith must be considered likely to want to avoid scrutiny or accountability.

To believe in a supreme creator requires no outward change in appearance or manner. To make noise that one believes in...

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A Variation on a Theme

With Spider-Man, everyone knows "With great power comes great responsibility," but maybe that's good to start out, good for kids.

What I would like to see is something more along the lines of "With great power comes great need for transparency and clarity of understanding of expectations, represen...

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Power is a great fertilizer.

Power consolidation combined with opaqueness is the perfect hiding place for scoundrels.

Anyone in power discouraging or outright rejecting transparency does not have the best interests of those they claim to represent at heart. This applies to every power major power structure currently operating...

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