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Perhaps this is why there’s an Internet?

Why can’t we officially learn about sex the same way we officially learn about everything else? Through research and experience and being taught?

I know what repair manuals are, and I know what cookbooks are, so I can fix things and cook things. I don’t pretend I was born with that knowledge....

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Step one…

Someone asked me if I had any advice for people who might be just starting out on a path that included multiple adult partners. Who knew? So, I gave it a go.

Treat people as you would want to be treated. Treat them as equals, as people who have lives and loves and passions and hobbies that are jus...

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Passing the Torch

Let’s be careful not to proclaim too loudly that this is a society that does not embody social classes. Let’s not try to assert that it operates solely on personal ability without regard to race, sex, and class.

The fact that we allow personal inheritance of land and property alone is proof otherw...

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