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Mysterious Unexplainable Clouds

All these “ideas” about how to keep bullets out of kids and other people who have not consented to having bullets put into them are starting to sound a lot like how to keep unwanted dicks out of people -- treating both bullets and dicks as a kind of uncontrollable natural force. Like a rogue wave on...

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An Open Letter to Tortilla Chips and Coffee

Look guys,

I love you both, okay? Sometimes I need a liquid ass-kick and Coffee, you’re the man. Sometimes I need to eat something crunchy and salty and Tortilla Chips, you rule da house. It’s that simple.

You aren’t competing with each other in any way. In fact, I could have both of you at th...

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Imagineering Priorities

Dear newswires and news agencies and news sites world-wide.

I’ve noticed that every single news article regarding the polio vaccine (or any other vaccine) is accompanied by a crying child who is being held or grabbed by an adult, while the vaccine is administered.

Could you please, please, plea...

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“Exactly what kind of team is this, anyway?”

I have a question to ponder for those of the multiple-partner mindset.

The short form is this:

What will it be with you as a part of it?

The long form is this:

When you connect yourself to someone and thus connecting yourself to their someones and then connecting their someones to your someo...

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The Fix Is In.

Fixing things is tough. Fixing social things is especially tough. People are dynamical meat systems, and capable of nearly anything.

The kinds of social things I’m talking about here are events, gatherings, groups, etc. Anywhere there’s a few people. Sometimes in these situations, unpleasant thing...

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We are the cops. You and me.

I read an amusing list online a few days ago. It was a list of how not to be “creepy.” It was all the usual things, such as “don’t touch people without their permission,” and “don’t corner people when they’re alone,” and “pay attention to subtle little things like how we lift our pinkies on Thursday...

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