Welcome to the Petting Zoo

“Cleanup on Aisle Collaboration, please.”

There is a game I read about years ago.

In that game, four kids each hold onto a broomstick, and try to push it downward into a cup on the floor.

That can already be a little tricky.

But there is a fifth kid at the bottom and it’s their job — with one hand on the broom — to keep the broom from...

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The Functional Aspect of Rules

In relationships, I often hear a lot about rules. In particular, I’m talking about multiple adult relationships, but feel free to extract what makes sense for you out of this if this doesn’t apply to you. My own opinion is that where an observation can be applied broadly, it seems more likely, but I...

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We are the cops. You and me.

I read an amusing list online a few days ago. It was a list of how not to be “creepy.” It was all the usual things, such as “don’t touch people without their permission,” and “don’t corner people when they’re alone,” and “pay attention to subtle little things like how we lift our pinkies on Thursday...

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