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Painting the Door Hinge a Bright Shade of Orange

“Atheists can’t be trusted to operate morally,” basically means “If I weren’t being threatened by eternal damnation I’d be a complete bag of dicks, and I can’t imagine anyone else doing better than me at self-control, either.”

When we agree on the same religion, we are agreeing simply to paint our...

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Religious Discrimination

Telling someone “Just because you can’t do things to other people in the name of your religion doesn’t mean that you are experiencing religious discrimination” rarely is the “QED” of the argument because it presupposes that practitioners of said religion will stop what they’re doing and conclude “Oh...

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The Secret Enemy

In a society where claiming one is an atheist results in one not being considered “trustworthy,” one cannot depend on claims of religious affiliation to indicate “trustworthiness.”

The most successful viruses out there succeed by pretending to be valuable to the cells they invade.

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Loving the Sin

It is not shocking that those who allege to "hate the sin yet love the sinner" seem deeply incapable of manifesting this alleged love in any way that can be identified, measured, or noted. For all intents and purposes, "hate the sin, yet love the sinner" manifests as "hate the sinner and act accordi...

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It Wasn’t a Real “Gold Membership” Card Anyway

There was a time when I was very young that someone explained to me that people often discriminated against others based on their religions.

When I heard that, I was confused.

I asked “Why didn’t people simply lie about their religion? It’s not as if religion leaves a mark on your face — who cou...

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Rule 1: Don’t Hurt Your Own Species

The insignificance of humanity’s responsibility for global climate changes is stressed by people (and their fans) who stand a chance to lose hard cash in cleanup efforts vis-à-vis global climate change.

The significance of humanity is stressed by people (and their fans) who stand a chance to c...

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We should all be supremely suspicious of things that are sacrosanct.

It has been said many times that power corrupts. At the risk of accusations of hubris, I’d offer that power isn’t the problem at all. It’s power combined with sacrosanctity to make a unique environment. That environment is the...

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Atheist joke #1

Here’s a joke:

An atheist walks into a bar…


No, actually, it’s not a joke. That’s just what happens. Some people are so darn fragile when it com...

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Is it love or hate or what?

I think if “Love the sinner, but hate the sin” is supposed to be treated with anything other than hilarious contempt, then it stands to reason that the same structure can apply back:

It’s okay to hate the religion, but love the people.

That’s okay.

It must be, if it’s okay to “hate the sin...

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“Hey guys, wait up, wait up!”

Retarding intellectual development and scientific progress until religion, ethics, and morality can “catch up” is a shell game.

It is the responsibility of religion, ethics, and morality to advance and grow enough to remain applicable to a culture that is defined and created by intellectual and sc...

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