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The Fix Is In.

Fixing things is tough. Fixing social things is especially tough. People are dynamical meat systems, and capable of nearly anything.

The kinds of social things I’m talking about here are events, gatherings, groups, etc. Anywhere there’s a few people. Sometimes in these situations, unpleasant thing...

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“But I thought you…”

I think one of the greatest personal conflicts any of us has to face – and we do so on a regular basis – is the conflict between what we observe, and what we wish we would be observing.

We can’t help it – our perception of the world is constructed of models in our heads, shapes and cause-and-event...

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One Sasquatch

I think I’m going to use Sasquatch as a metric of accountability/accuracy.

One Sasquatch = enough photographs and/or evidence to warrant an investigation, particularly into the evidence if it’s something new, but not enough evidence to conclude definitively that something exists.

Frame 352 – S...

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