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Revelations 0_0

I’ve seen a number of movies — as I’m sure you have as well — where the final end sequence is a revelation. The final act, the master-stroke against the Bad Guy by the Good Guy is that the Good Guy manages to reveal to the world just what a complete asshole the Bad Guy was.

Maybe it’s a worldwide...

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The Links in the Chain

A hypothesis
You are receiving a reward to unknowingly do someone else’s dirty work.

Assigned homework
Postulate possible options for the reward. Postulate possible options for the dirty work.

This is the 100-level exercise, by the way.

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The Functional Aspect of Rules

In relationships, I often hear a lot about rules. In particular, I’m talking about multiple adult relationships, but feel free to extract what makes sense for you out of this if this doesn’t apply to you. My own opinion is that where an observation can be applied broadly, it seems more likely, but I...

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