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A Variation on a Theme

With Spider-Man, everyone knows "With great power comes great responsibility," but maybe that's good to start out, good for kids.

What I would like to see is something more along the lines of "With great power comes great need for transparency and clarity of understanding of expectations, represen...

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It Wasn’t a Real “Gold Membership” Card Anyway

There was a time when I was very young that someone explained to me that people often discriminated against others based on their religions.

When I heard that, I was confused.

I asked “Why didn’t people simply lie about their religion? It’s not as if religion leaves a mark on your face — who cou...

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Don’t Get Us Started On Feminist AI…

I notice a lot of ruckus and pushback against Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The major objections all seem to be of the same flavor: “If we make an AI and allow it to equal us in power/ability/decision-making, then it will be a total dick to us and wipe out humanity and also steal our birthdays and...

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We should all be supremely suspicious of things that are sacrosanct.

It has been said many times that power corrupts. At the risk of accusations of hubris, I’d offer that power isn’t the problem at all. It’s power combined with sacrosanctity to make a unique environment. That environment is the...

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Power is a great fertilizer.

Power consolidation combined with opaqueness is the perfect hiding place for scoundrels.

Anyone in power discouraging or outright rejecting transparency does not have the best interests of those they claim to represent at heart. This applies to every power major power structure currently operating...

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