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Painting the Door Hinge a Bright Shade of Orange

“Atheists can’t be trusted to operate morally,” basically means “If I weren’t being threatened by eternal damnation I’d be a complete bag of dicks, and I can’t imagine anyone else doing better than me at self-control, either.”

When we agree on the same religion, we are agreeing simply to paint our...

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Man’s Inhumanity to Man

I don’t think AI “threatens humanity.”

Humanity’s willingness to kill each other over stupid shit is already enough of a threat to humanity. We have no shortage of self-destructiveness with which to feel threatened.

The only thing actually being threatened is humanity’s assumption that they ar...

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Disposable data rarely is.

I sincerely doubt that anyone proposing simple solutions for complex problems should be trusted.

Moreover, I propose that any problems that still exist (that is to say is not already well-known to be solved) are complex problems.

To be specific, I’m talking about problems that have many inter-re...

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“Hey guys, wait up, wait up!”

Retarding intellectual development and scientific progress until religion, ethics, and morality can “catch up” is a shell game.

It is the responsibility of religion, ethics, and morality to advance and grow enough to remain applicable to a culture that is defined and created by intellectual and sc...

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