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Plan or Perish

I suspect a lot of people would be a lot less outraged if they considered two possibilities Very Seriously before they opened their mouths or acted:

  1. Whatever the contest or competition or discussion — they need to have a thought-out plan for when they lose.
  2. Whatever the question, they need to be...

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Interface Clash

I have always known that people have interfaces. People have ways in which they model their interaction with the Universe around them. Sometimes it is their language, they way in which they speak to each other. Sometimes it is their body movements, they way in which they hold themselves. Sometimes i...

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On Civilized Discourse

There are a lot of different essays and documents on having a civilized discussion with someone else. This is mine. I’ve updated a few things.

It contains points that I most often forget and thus am in more often need of a reminder. You are welcome to use what you like and ignore what you don’t....

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