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Three Basics for Multiple Partner Relationships

I have come to the notion that there's a lot to be said for gratitude and for apologies and for kindness when it comes to multiple partner relationships.

If it helps any, awesome. If it doesn't, also awesome.


I think it's important to express it where it is sincere. Some folks apprec...

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The Better World

There are always acts of kindness that need your help in doing. There are always acts of cruelty that don’t.

You don’t need an ideology to guide you into performing an act of kindness and compassion — it’s inside you already to do that. You always have that power.

Likewise you don’t need an ide...

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And let’s face it — RoboChrist would be fascinating!

As long as human beings remain capable of randomly killing each other for stupid shit, then we are not ready to create autonomous devices that have the ability to kill humans beings — unless those devices are significantly smarter than human beings and we let them do whatever they want.

Then aga...

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Pressure Direction

I think the phrase “hair-trigger” is funny. Not because hair-triggers are funny, but because of what it suggests about the person (when it is applied to a person, that is — when it is applied to a machine, my thinking is “crappy calibration” [which might still be appropriate to people, now that I th...

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“Restrictive Sexuality”

I often use the term “restrictive sexuality” when referring to monogamy. This is deliberate.

I’ve been told I’m being mean, judgmental, negative, and a variety of other things when I use the term “restrictive sexuality.” This amuses me, of course.

I look at how different people differentiate the...

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“You say you wanna revolution…?”

I think countries need to compete to see who can be the kindest, smartest, funnest, and most welcoming.

Countries who do well are rewarded by tourist dollars.

I’m not so sure I can get behind the who-can-make-the-biggest-bomb competitions, or the who-can-kill-more-people competitions. Those aren...

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Let There be Giants

I was joking around in another thread in response to “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants,” attributed to Sir Isaac Newton.

My joke was that giants are so darn nice.

But that tickled my brain a bit.

I started thinking about giants — specifically the kinds of pe...

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