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Beautiful Horror

Sometimes there is extraordinary beauty in even the meanest of things.

It does not make the beauty less for its birth, nor the horrors better for their act of genesis.

It reminds us the Universe is more complex than we expected.

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A certain beautiful brutality

A review of Jonathan Moon’s book Stories to Poke Your Eyes Out.

Sometimes I read a collection of short stories and it feels like a roller coaster ride that I’ve been on before. I know the twists and turns, and I can anticipate each one. I have a great time. When I’m done, I feel lighter in my fe...

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“It’s a PR problem” is the problem.

There is a value. It is a numerical value.

It is the number of children who have been abused. It is the number of incidents of an organization covering it up. It is the number of times a priest has been moved to a parish to avoid dealing with pedophilia. It is the number of times a priest who trie...

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