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The Free Market Needs Your Help!

Vaccination ruined the child coffin business. Just ruined it.

Won’t people think of the child coffin business before they decide to vaccinate their children?

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Grieve and Grow

For every artist you loved who has died, for every musician who will never write a new song again, for every comic who actually made really good points who no longer walks among us…

…certainly grieve in the way that suits your memories…

…but also, please ask yourself to look around you at the ch...

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“Hey guys, wait up, wait up!”

Retarding intellectual development and scientific progress until religion, ethics, and morality can “catch up” is a shell game.

It is the responsibility of religion, ethics, and morality to advance and grow enough to remain applicable to a culture that is defined and created by intellectual and sc...

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Is “proof denies faith” reciprocal?

We make the mistake of thinking that people who believe in “faith healing,” “psychic surgery,” and all that other foolishness will change their minds once their children start dying. They won’t. That’s the “faith” part of the equation.

To such a person, that death is exactly what was supposed to h...

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