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Are Those Ethics Technologically Feasible?

There are far too many discussions about technology, all asking the same basic question:

“What are the ethical implications of this technology?”

The implication is that given certain ethical boundaries, a technology should be restricted/forbidden/etc.

I appreciate fear-of-change as much as the...

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Disposable data rarely is.

I sincerely doubt that anyone proposing simple solutions for complex problems should be trusted.

Moreover, I propose that any problems that still exist (that is to say is not already well-known to be solved) are complex problems.

To be specific, I’m talking about problems that have many inter-re...

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If someone had decided that it was too scary or terrifying or odious to help other people, but that they weren’t brave, honest, or proud enough to simply say so, then it stands to reason that they would find a tricky indirect way of making it an “obvious choice.”

I think of tha...

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And let’s face it — RoboChrist would be fascinating!

As long as human beings remain capable of randomly killing each other for stupid shit, then we are not ready to create autonomous devices that have the ability to kill humans beings — unless those devices are significantly smarter than human beings and we let them do whatever they want.

Then aga...

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