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Frititaj Terpomoj

Dear French Fries,

Yes, you’ve been around since my childhood.

Yes, you’ve always consoled me when burgers treat me like shit.

Yes, I realize that somewhere in your core, you desire to be healthy and good.

Yes, I realize that many of my good memories come from times you’ve been with me.


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The Functional Aspect of Rules

In relationships, I often hear a lot about rules. In particular, I’m talking about multiple adult relationships, but feel free to extract what makes sense for you out of this if this doesn’t apply to you. My own opinion is that where an observation can be applied broadly, it seems more likely, but I...

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With great power…

One of the fundamental dynamics of any romantic relationship is this:

Where responsibility is uncoupled from control, nothing but mischief can happen.

In other words, if you want to exert control over a situation, you had best be prepared to be responsible for the exertion of that control of the...

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