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A man with no name

A review of Samuel R. Delaney’s book Dhalgren.

I have read this book many times in my life.

The first time I read this book, I was about sixteen years old and even at that early an age (for this sort of book, that is a fairly early age), the imagery haunted me. A city on the edge of nothing, w...

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A certain beautiful brutality

A review of Jonathan Moon’s book Stories to Poke Your Eyes Out.

Sometimes I read a collection of short stories and it feels like a roller coaster ride that I’ve been on before. I know the twists and turns, and I can anticipate each one. I have a great time. When I’m done, I feel lighter in my fe...

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Clever, beautiful, and heartbreaking at times

**A review of Bruce Taylor’s book Edward: Dancing on the Edge of Infinity**

There are two aspects to Edward: Dancing on the Edge of Infinity. They are very different aspects, but I love both.

First, the story. From birth to death, Edward is followed throughout his life, in each major moment,...

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It navigates tricky waters very well!

A review of Noel Figart’s book At the Foot of the Throne.

I enjoyed At the Foot of the Throne.

That might seem a somewhat simple statement to make, but please let me clarify.

My reading tends toward technical stuff, and science fiction. I read very little fantasy. By and large, I find fant...

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A fun tour through a Lovecraftian minefield!

A review of J. T. O’Connor and J. Walt Layne’s book The Coming Of T’Loal.

O’Connor and Layne remind us that some of the trickiest bits of Lovecraftian horror aren’t the monsters or the rubber suits or the excess use of liquid latex on set.

One of the hallmarks of Lovecraftian horror is the cos...

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