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The thickness of the lines on the ruler

I think it’s always worth remembering that precision is not the same as accuracy.

For example, if I tell you it’s 413.793 degrees here in Portland, I am being very precise — but not accurate. If I tell you it’s dang hot here, I may be very accurate — though not precise.

We can be accurate withou...

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“But I thought you…”

I think one of the greatest personal conflicts any of us has to face – and we do so on a regular basis – is the conflict between what we observe, and what we wish we would be observing.

We can’t help it – our perception of the world is constructed of models in our heads, shapes and cause-and-event...

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One Sasquatch

I think I’m going to use Sasquatch as a metric of accountability/accuracy.

One Sasquatch = enough photographs and/or evidence to warrant an investigation, particularly into the evidence if it’s something new, but not enough evidence to conclude definitively that something exists.

Frame 352 – S...

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