I write, and I make movies, and I do other creative things outside of this site. My company is called Hellbender Media and, frankly, I think it fucking rocks. Please come check it out. Sign up for our mailing list, or follow us on Twitter, or Facebook. If you really wanna show some love, come check out the Hellbender Media Store.

Hellbender Media

Hellbender Media, from the throbbing media heart of Oregon, offers rare and voracious entertainment for viewers, readers, and people who aren’t content with passive entertainment options.

Hellbender Media is the home for all of our movie, book, and game projects, including The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, Flesh of my Flesh, Innsmouth Legacy, Hacked Off, The Cosmic Horror Fun-Pak, Tales from the Blinkspace, all of our Lovecraft-related merchandise, and other fun stuff.