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Phantom-fighting is all the rage.

“I know a lot of people think saluting the flag is unpopular now, but I’m willing to shoot each and every one of them right square in the nutsack to prove I’m an American!”

“I know a lot of these guys just want to be able to take a bath in bullets, shoot foreign...

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How to Communicate

I have seen too many people get screwed by being unable to communicate (myself included). The usual pattern of events ends in something that can best be summarized by “I didn’t know what was going on.” Now me, I hate being ignorant, so I started taking a look at social interactions, with an eye tow...

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We all need mirrors.

It feels as if there’s an inverse relationship between a group’s claim at the efficacy of their self-policing and the actual ability for them to self-police.

Or maybe there isn’t. Maybe no groups are good at self-policing, but it’s so ubiquitous that we only really pay attention to the ones th...

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Power is a great fertilizer.

Power consolidation combined with opaqueness is the perfect hiding place for scoundrels.

Anyone in power discouraging or outright rejecting transparency does not have the best interests of those they claim to represent at heart. This applies to every power major power structure currently operating...

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“But I thought you…”

I think one of the greatest personal conflicts any of us has to face – and we do so on a regular basis – is the conflict between what we observe, and what we wish we would be observing.

We can’t help it – our perception of the world is constructed of models in our heads, shapes and cause-and-event...

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It’s like The Drake Equation for sex!

I’ve known a lot of people who seem very unhappy because they keep forgetting one of the most important relationship facts ever.

It’s an idea that has totally saved my bacon:

There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

There have been times when I was struggling with a situation, struggling with a rela...

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We are the cops. You and me.

I read an amusing list online a few days ago. It was a list of how not to be “creepy.” It was all the usual things, such as “don’t touch people without their permission,” and “don’t corner people when they’re alone,” and “pay attention to subtle little things like how we lift our pinkies on Thursday...

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One Sasquatch

I think I’m going to use Sasquatch as a metric of accountability/accuracy.

One Sasquatch = enough photographs and/or evidence to warrant an investigation, particularly into the evidence if it’s something new, but not enough evidence to conclude definitively that something exists.

Frame 352 – S...

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Not the Sum of the Parts

There’s this sense that people are composed of discrete emotional elements that can be easily separated and encapsulated if need be.

When I write it that way, it seems pretty idiotic, but I see it time and time again.

Perhaps if I offered an example, it will become more recognizeable.

“I reall...

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On Civilized Discourse

There are a lot of different essays and documents on having a civilized discussion with someone else. This is mine. I’ve updated a few things.

It contains points that I most often forget and thus am in more often need of a reminder. You are welcome to use what you like and ignore what you don’t....

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Remember that thing you missed out on, years ago, and how really awesome it was and what a bummer it is that you missed out on it? I suspect it wasn’t quite as sparkly as you remember.

We have a tendency to look at things in really weird ways. Some of them seem bizarrely contradictory. One of t...

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Anyone Can Learn to Cook

I did not learn to cook until I was quite definitely an adult. I took one Home-Ec class in grade school, but, having a penis, was mostly ignored, or asked to make pillows in the shape of footballs.

So learning how to cook was a bit of trial and error, but if I can do it, anyone can.

This was the...

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“But where’s all the old shit?!”

For those of you who are familiar with the essays and cartoons and animations and other stuff I’ve been doing for the past couple of decades…

That may or may not show up here.

I’ve changed in a few subtle ways how I interact with the world and how I write. This is normal. When I made this tran...

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Tapping the Glass

You’ve been in a pet store. You’ve seen the signs: “Please don’t tap on the glass.” I try to imagine what tapping on the glass of an aquarium must be like for a fish. I imagine it’s a bit like three or four cars exploding near me, maybe with an airhorn or two to destroy the high end of my hearin...

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It’s not looking that far forward…

One could say that the purpose of science fiction is to allow us to explore ourselves; where we might go, where we could go, etc. Okay, I can accept that, but what I would rather consider is the energy of science fiction. What is it trying to do?


The biggest difference between technolo...

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Is “proof denies faith” reciprocal?

We make the mistake of thinking that people who believe in “faith healing,” “psychic surgery,” and all that other foolishness will change their minds once their children start dying. They won’t. That’s the “faith” part of the equation.

To such a person, that death is exactly what was supposed to h...

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