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Make or Break

Sometimes I try to solve my problems as if they are a supply chain issue -- with many elements contributing to the success condition, and many elements contributing to the failure condition. It's not a magic bullet, but it reminds me that any selling one-stop solutions is probably selling snake oil....

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Pants on Fire

I suspect the most outrageous liars are the ones who ostentatiously declare how willing they are to be "under oath." It's like watching a child declare "Check -- I'm not crossing my fingers!"

I recall hearing this aphorism as a child and it has always stuck with me: "The Lord loves to make liars o...

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Career Living

It's probably about time we stopped thinking of our careers as our identities. The time when employers had to respect their employees for fear of losing them is gone, and the time when employees could count on their employers "taking care of them" is also gone.

Our parents and our grandparents had...

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Impostor Syndrome

I've always secretly felt like I never truly qualified to be in the Impostor Syndrome Support Group.

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One day I was out walking along a common path near my house. A dog came running up to me. A big dog. A German Shepherd, as I recall. And he was looking like he meant business. Not giving me "let's play" signals, but "Let's go, motherfucker," signals. As in growling.

There was no owner anywhere to...

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Loving the Sin

It is not shocking that those who allege to "hate the sin yet love the sinner" seem deeply incapable of manifesting this alleged love in any way that can be identified, measured, or noted. For all intents and purposes, "hate the sin, yet love the sinner" manifests as "hate the sinner and act accordi...

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“An Honorable Man”

Be cautious before offering “honor” a place at the table without a deeper look. A man who says he is going to kill and eat one hundred babies live on stage who actually does so is inarguably “true to his word” and could be considered “honorable.”

But you might not wanna break bread with him anyway...

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Be the Hero.

Help those who ask for help. They are not asking because they are weak. They are asking because you are strong.

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Building a Website for Your Movie Project

Hey, Creative Person Operating on a Low Budget, this is for you. If you are not in this group, move along to something else fun.

If you want to build a website for your movie project, go you. People have Facebook pages and Twitter pages and Instagrams and all kinds of things. Why not a web page?


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I’m currently of the thinking that the notion of attraction to an objective “intelligence” ( often referred to as “sapiosexuality” ) is a candy-coated path to justification for being an asshole to others.

I think when we say “I’m attracted to smart people,” what we’re really saying is “I’m attract...

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It Wasn’t a Real “Gold Membership” Card Anyway

There was a time when I was very young that someone explained to me that people often discriminated against others based on their religions.

When I heard that, I was confused.

I asked “Why didn’t people simply lie about their religion? It’s not as if religion leaves a mark on your face — who cou...

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Halloween “Life Hacks”

Halloween “Life-Hack” #1

For a truly convincing pirate costume, be sure to include lots of rum. Little known fact — the more of it you drink, the more authentic your costume.

Halloween “Life-Hack” #2

Doughnuts make great treats for Halloween. Just keep a box right there in the kitchen and when...

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Man’s Inhumanity to Man

I don’t think AI “threatens humanity.”

Humanity’s willingness to kill each other over stupid shit is already enough of a threat to humanity. We have no shortage of self-destructiveness with which to feel threatened.

The only thing actually being threatened is humanity’s assumption that they ar...

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Are Those Ethics Technologically Feasible?

There are far too many discussions about technology, all asking the same basic question:

“What are the ethical implications of this technology?”

The implication is that given certain ethical boundaries, a technology should be restricted/forbidden/etc.

I appreciate fear-of-change as much as the...

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“Playing God”

I am exploring the notion that “It is not right for Man to play God” is actually code for “Don’t use big words. Big words are scary. Stop it or I shall encourage other people to kill you by burning you alive or perhaps beheading you, unless that is not currently socially acceptable, in which case I...

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An Open Letter to Tortilla Chips and Coffee

Look guys,

I love you both, okay? Sometimes I need a liquid ass-kick and Coffee, you’re the man. Sometimes I need to eat something crunchy and salty and Tortilla Chips, you rule da house. It’s that simple.

You aren’t competing with each other in any way. In fact, I could have both of you at th...

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The Great Creamy Eye

I admit I can be fascinated by simple things.

If I let my coffee cool in the cup, the cream kinda congeals to make this weird otherworldly pale staring eye.

Then I drink it…

…to get the powers of the Great Eye.

Apparently, some of those powers are The Power of Queasiness, however.

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Possible conclusion: They have a thing for diseased pregnant children. Weirdos.

Disease transmission and underage pregnancy increase where “abstinence” is taught. This is — as should be obvious to even the most casual of observers — mostly due to the fact that these “programs” usually involve the removal of any actual functional methods of reducing teen birthrates or disease t...

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Moving forward kinda rocks!

A lot of people yearn for the days of their childhood.

I think of years of being essentially powerless, having no ability to decide or control my fate, to being talked-down to by adults, to having my opinions dismissed, to information being withheld from me…

…and I think…

“Are you fucking ser...

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Disposable data rarely is.

I sincerely doubt that anyone proposing simple solutions for complex problems should be trusted.

Moreover, I propose that any problems that still exist (that is to say is not already well-known to be solved) are complex problems.

To be specific, I’m talking about problems that have many inter-re...

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