“She knew the deal when she signed up.”

You know how sometimes people in multipartner relationships say “Well, this person agreed to that kind of relationship dynamic when they signed on, so they have no room to bitch” when it comes to disposing of partners that have become inconvenient or distracting?

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A “Gilligan’s Island” Kind of Life

When I was a kid, and on those rare occasions when the TV worked, I liked watching Gilligan’s Island.

(If you haven’t seen it, then honestly, you need to watch a few episodes. In fact, watch a lot of episodes. Gilligan’s Island is a brilliant metaphor for society. It’s okay, I’ll wait until you get a few episodes under your belt. Okay, ready? Let’s continue… )

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Someday, in the future, “I’m not allowed to be a sexist asshat without social repercussions” will stop being called “misandry.”

Until then, as a guy, I honestly cannot take seriously any other guy who claims to “suffer” from “misandry.”


Sometimes I think we claim to “trust” because we want to build a case.

The healthier act seems more like appropriately managing one’s expectations.

Passing the Torch

Let’s be careful not to proclaim too loudly that this is a society that does not embody social classes. Let’s not try to assert that it operates solely on personal ability without regard to race, sex, and class.

The fact that we allow personal inheritance of land and property alone is proof otherwise.

The Links in the Chain

A hypothesis
You are receiving a reward to unknowingly do someone else’s dirty work.

Assigned homework
Postulate possible options for the reward. Postulate possible options for the dirty work.

This is the 100-level exercise, by the way.