“For Warmth”

I think we can all agree that burning a confederate flag is perfectly acceptable as an act of protest, or to keep warm, or because you have a match, the name of the day ends with “y,” whatever. 

Tongue Beatings

You can learn so much by licking cake batter from the tines of an egg beater.

For example, how to unplug appliances.

Froggy Reconsiders

It has been said that if you have to eat a frog, then do it in the morning.

I’m not sure frogs have been consulted on this.


Shallow seas breed little fish.

Think deeply and act with intention, compassion, and vision.

Location * 3

A god who can be worshiped from a closet doesn’t need a tax haven.

And one who cannot be worshiped from a closet ain’t worth shit.


My version of the Paleo Diet includes the possibility of cannibalism.


Our world should not be a good place for the growth of weeds which require strangling others to live.

I am not talking about plants.

Who’s Really Winning…?

“You are poor because you made bad choices” is a fairy story sold by people who don’t want you to look at their books.

It is massively to their advantage to convince people that being rich and being poor are a result of personal choice.